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    在 Asahi Linux 上铺设通往 Vulkan 的道路

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    你们可能已经知道了,我和 Asahi Linux 团队的其他成员一起为 Apple Silicon 平台开发开源 GPU 驱动程序。这真是一段惊险刺激的旅程!去年底我们发布了第一个版本的驱动程序,在多个月的逆向工程和开发后终于完成。但那只是开始……

    今天我们为 Asahi Linux 发布了一个重大更新,所以我想跟大家谈谈自那时以来我们都在做些什么,并展望未来!

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    2022 Year Recap


    This year recap focuses on the latter half of the year, as the first half was uneventful and filled with lockdowns and daily nucleic acid tests in Futian, Shenzhen. At that time, life felt dull and hopeless.

    If someone had told me then that my year would become fulfilling and exciting, I would have scoffed.

    I believed that if I didn't make changes like moving from Beijing to Shenzhen or even leaving the country, I might not survive.

    Open Source Life

    The turning point began in August.